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Shower Doors

A shower curtain is supposed to be water resistant, but it doesn’t take long for it to become moldy and full of mildew—which not only gives your shower an unpleasant smell but also presents risks to your health.

If you’re looking for a spa-like look and feel in your bathroom, you need brand new shower doors. Our durable, crystal-clear glass comes in multiple finishes that will give your bathroom the polished look you’ve always dreamed of.

Replace Outdated Shower Doors

Already have glass shower doors in your bathroom, but they’re looking old, dirty, and outdated? Consider replacement shower doors from New Windows For America By Mad City.

Our experienced Minnesota team can customize new shower doors for your existing shower space. We can also install a brand new shower that can include custom shower doors.

Shower stalls that can accommodate our sparkling glass shower doors include:

Durable, Low-Maintenance Glass

Some homeowners shy away from glass because it can be so difficult to clean. When it comes to our replacement shower doors, that’s definitely not the case.

Our panels are created with seamless construction, leaving no room for mold and mildew to grow, and our special patented glass system virtually eliminates water marks and mineral deposits.

Our patented glass is nearly maintenance-free. It is specially treated to reduce the need for cleaning by up to 90 percent compared to traditional shower doors!

Choose a Contractor with Ties to the Community

Where you spend your money matters, so make sure you choose a contractor with ties to the community.

New Windows For America By Mad City proudly serves the Greater Minneapolis area, 11 County Metropolitan area, and Twin Cities Metro area, including Minneapolis and St. Paul. Because we are proud members of the community, we are regularly involved in local charities, athletic programs, and local events.

Use Glass to Enhance Your Bathroom Space

Let us use glass to enhance your bathroom space with new shower doors! Get started by giving us a call or fill out our convenient online form. We’ll provide you with a free estimate so you can see just how affordable we really are!

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