Energy Efficient Windows

The fact that you’ve been thinking about replacement windows means that it’s time to find quality window contractors to complete the project for you. If your windows are outdated, you’re probably paying too much for your heating and cooling costs. Outdated windows also diminish curb appeal, and the value of your home could be suffering.

This is the year to make the improvements your home needs and enjoy the benefits you deserve!

Before we take a look at what window features are available, it’s important to note that not all replacement windows are the same. In fact, even some brand new homes are outfitted with starter windows that don’t offer the impressive features that make new windows a smart investment.

Make sure you choose top-rated window contractors, like New Windows for America, who insist on using high-performance windows with all of the most important benefits.

Many Style Options

Whether you want to replace every window in your home or want to add a single, eye-catching feature, the large selection of available styles makes it easy to find the perfect option for every room and to boost the curb appeal of your home.

Choose from:

Enhanced Security

Older windows are much easier to breach than new windows. We install windows with enhanced security features that make your home an unattractive choice for criminals looking for an easy way into a home.

Money-Saving Efficiency

We saved the best reason to upgrade for last. In a climate like Minnesota’s, where the winter lows linger in the single digits, finding ways to shore up your home’s energy efficiency is a must—and we install windows that provide exceptional performance.

Our replacement windows feature triple-pane IntelliGlass and two gas layers that make them 31% more energy-efficient than double-pane windows. You’ll enjoy a more comfortable home even on the coldest winter nights and take some of the stress off of your HVAC system.

So how much can you save?

A typical homeowner will save nearly $500 a year when updating from single-pane windows to high-performance windows. In a cold climate, it’s possible to save much more.

Ready to Learn More?

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