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Whether you’re replacing an existing window or installing a brand-new one, there’s a good possibility the process can negatively affect the surrounding wall.

To ensure your home is protected during your window installation, it’s critical to find an experienced window replacement company, like New Windows for America. Knowledgeable companies will understand the various risk factors, and, more importantly, know how to avoid them.

Before you get started, it’s helpful to have more information about how your new windows can affect your property.

What Types of Problems Can Occur During or After a Window Installation?

If you want to replace a window or cut out a new one, it involves creating or modifying the window opening. 

Even with window replacements, the window opening often needs adjustments to better support and fit the new window. Where brand-new installations are concerned, your contractor will have to cut portions of your home’s exterior to create the opening.

Several problems can occur during these processes, including:

Surrounding Walls Can Become Weak

Most homes and properties are built using an intricate system of wall studs that are placed 16” apart. You don’t usually find, or want, windows small enough to fit into that space, so studs must be removed.

This process can weaken the overall structure. It’s important to find a contractor familiar with installing proper support systems to replace the eliminated studs.

The Opening is at Risk for Water Leaks

Whether you buy an airtight window or not, modifying a window opening can leave areas open that are susceptible to water leaks. After all, to create an opening, you have to cut through siding, framing, insulation, and drywall.

Experienced window installers, like New Windows for America, will understand the benefit of flashing, a waterproof wrap that overlaps the window opening to seal off these areas.

Air Can Escape the Home

Just as you become more vulnerable to water leaks, you’ll also have to consider air seepage when replacing or installing a window. Proper air sealing techniques and products, such as a backer rod, caulk, or non-expanding foam, can prevent this problem.

What Factors Should You Consider During a Window Replacement?

To help avoid problems like these and to make the most of your new window project, it’s essential to consider a variety of factors that can help protect your home and make the installation a success. Some of the factors include:

  • Local Code Requirements
  • AAMA Code Requirements
  • Size of Building
  • Type of Room
  • Size of Window Opening
  • Wall Material
  • Manufacturer Installation Guidelines

Learn More About Correctly Installing a New Window

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