If the eyes are the windows to the soul, then the windows are the eyes of the house—and they can speak to you! 

Here are several signs they’re telling you it’s time to seek out some energy-efficient windows.

Your home may be telling you it’s time for a window or door upgrade if:

  • It’s suddenly difficult to open or close your windows.
  • You can feel a draft edging its way in around the window frame.
  • You can see any kind of visible damage (like paint chips, discoloration, or cracks).
  • You’re looking for replacement parts, but you can’t easily find them.
  • Your windows or doors just don’t look as good as you need them to!

At New Windows and Bath for America, we pride ourselves on being able to solve each of these problems with quality, budget-friendly products. Replacing single-pane windows with updated double-pane windows can reduce your energy bill and make your house look better while they do it!

Why Choose Energy-Efficient Windows?

Having energy-efficient windows and doors installed in your home will not only assist with invisible upgrades (like a lower energy bill), but they will also help keep your home the comfortable place you work so hard to maintain.

Newer energy-efficient windows will protect your home from harsh UV rays. They have a special coating which blocks out 98% of the damaging rays of the sun—rays which can damage items in your home, causing your furniture and fabrics to fade.

In Minneapolis, the extreme summer and winter temperatures can wreak havoc on your energy bills. Having fully lined, double-paned, expertly installed windows can optimize and insulate the airflow through your home so that you can rest assured every penny you invest in heating or cooling your home stays within your walls.

Energy-efficient windows represent a true win-win for you and the environment: Using them, you’re paying less out of pocket, maintaining them less frequently, and utilizing fewer natural resources!

Call Expert Window Contractors You Can Trust Today

If you live in Minneapolis, replacement windows are a breeze: New Windows for America has established a trustworthy reputation for 19 years being Minneapolis’ most reliable window contractors.

With close to 5,000 positive customer reviews, New Windows for America is so invested in your happiness with our services that we offer a Lifetime Labor Service Warranty on every one of our products.

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