New year, new beginnings. When it comes to starting over fresh and new, January is the best time to embark on new home improvement projects. Whether it’s a window replacement, a bathroom or kitchen remodel, or an exterior renovation, it’s a great idea to get started on your Minneapolis home remodeling project early on in the winter season for best results.

Although the weather may not be ideal just yet, the start of the new year is the perfect time to meet with a home improvement expert and plan ahead for an upgrade. During this off-season time, you can already take the first steps of planning, design, ordering of materials, and scheduling. By doing so, you will be able to book for your Minneapolis remodeling project before the peak season kicks into high gear and contractors are extremely busy.

At New Windows for America, we love helping our customers plan their new year remodeling projects whether they’re complex renovations or simple makeovers done in a single day. Here are some ideas for popular home remodeling projects you can start planning as a part of your new year’s resolution for a better home in 2019.

Bathroom Remodeling

Have you always wanted a trendy and functional bathroom that suits your lifestyle? You can ditch your outdated fixtures, bathtub, shower, and tiles this January and prepare to replace them with new ones that are sleek and durable. 

Starting off with some minor upgrades and replacements is a great idea for those on a tight budget,although full, traditional renovations are often better priced at the start of the yearNo matter which one you choose, it is important to work with a trusted contractor so you will get a one-of-a-kind bathroom that is customized according to your unique needs. Some of the bathroom remodeling services offered by New Windows for America include:

  • Barrier-Free Showers
  • Bathtub and Shower Conversions
  • Replacement Showers and Tubs
  • Shower Doors and Enclosures
  • Shower and Bath Wall Surrounds
  • Tub-to-Shower Conversion
  • Shower-to-Tub Conversion
  • Tub Installation
  • Walk-ITubs

Windows and Doors

Drafts can be a problem during cold weather conditions. Since your family’s comfort should be one of your priorities, it is important to have your windows and doors checked if they need replacement. Aside from the comfort, new windows and doors can also improve the aesthetic appeal of your home and curb your monthly energy bills.

When you purchase replacement windows, make sure that they have an airtight seal and are energy efficient. New Windows for America offers Minnesota window which is a triple pane window priced the same as a double pane window of other companies. Whether you prefer bow windows, bay windows, casement windows, or double hung windows, reliable companies such as New Windows for America can install what you need.

Additionally, our company offers professional installation of storm doors, entry doors, and patio doors for added security, energy efficiency, and beauty.

Attic Insulation

Homeowners in Minneapolis know that an efficient heating system is a mustespecially during the winter season. By getting fiberglass insulation or blown insulation for your attic, you are putting less stress on your HVAC system and incur lower energy bills while maintaining a comfortable living environment.

For example, Johns Manville fiberglass insulation offered by New Windows for America offers the following benefits:

  • Resistance to heat transfer with R-values of up to R-70
  • Climate Pro insulation made with inorganic materials
  • Loose fill fiberglass insulation will not compress, resulting in sustained efficiency for long periods
  • Safe and does not corrode wiring or pipes
  • Even wall cavities can be filled with the Blow-in-Blanket® system

Blown-in spray foam products used by New Windows for America include:

  • JM Corbond III
  • JM Corbond MCS
  • JM Corbond Open-Cell Spray Foam
  • JM Corbond Open-Cell Appendix X Spray Foam

Whether you choose an open-cell or closed-cell spray foam, you will be able to enjoy a secure air seal.

Choosing the right service provider among the many Minneapolis remodeling contractors can be a tough call to make. By working with New Windows for America, you can be sure that you will get fast, efficient, and quality products and services. We only partner with trusted suppliers and hire highly trained professionals who have years of experience in the industry to ensure customer satisfaction. 

To learn more about our Minneapolis home remodeling services, contact us today by giving us a call now, or fill out this online form to get a free, in-home estimate without an obligation to buy.