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You’ve heard that winter is “the most wonderful time of the year”—but did you know that this saying refers to more than just family gatherings, homemade food, and cozy evenings by the fire? In fact, the holiday season may just be the most wonderful time to plan your next Minneapolis home remodeling project! Check out these three reasons why there’s no better time than now to prepare for your new year home improvement.

1. You Have More Time to Think.

It’s no secret that the key to a successful home renovation is careful planning, and with extra free time around the holidays, winter is a great time to sit down and consider your Minneapolis home remodeling plans so you’re prepared to talk with a professional Minneapolis remodeler.

As you think about which renovations to take on, ask yourself questions like these:

What result am I most interested in?

Beyond aesthetic appeal, different renovations will provide additional benefits to your home and family. For instance, replacement windows and doors can block winter drafts to keep your home cozier while also boosting curb appeal. New attic insultation won’t be as visually noticeable, but it’ll also significantly reduce your energy expenses. A brand-new bathroom remodel will provide additional comfort to holiday guests as well as a lifetime of lower maintenance and more polished style.

Which renovations should I prioritize?

In a perfect world, we’d all be able to afford every remodeling idea that comes to mind—but we know that’s usually not the case, especially after months of holiday-related expenditures. Based on your priorities (energy efficiency, maintenance requirements, property value, etc.), think about the order in which you’d like to tackle your Minneapolis home remodeling plans.

Are there any remodeling projects I can start now?

Many homeowners don’t realize that they can complete some home remodels now, even in the dead of winter. As we discuss below, some projects—such as bathroom remodeling, attic insultation, and other interior upgrades—may actually be better to complete during the colder months.

2. Minneapolis Remodeling Companies Aren’t As Busy.

If you’ve never thought about a winter home renovation, you aren’t alone; there’s a reason why winter is considered the off-season for Minneapolis remodeling! However, this seasonal trend can definitely work in your favor.

Since most contractors are less busy at this time of year, it’ll be easier for you to schedule an in-home consultation at your preferred time and date. You’ll be able to meet with a pro to plan out your next home upgrade and get everything scheduled before the busy season ramps up in late winter and spring.

3. You Can Often Get Good Deals.

If you do decide to complete your home renovation before the winter ends, you may be able to take advantage of seasonal specials! Since business is slower in the winter, many remodeling contractors offer limited-time discounts on windows, doors, bath remodels, and more. When you meet with your contractors for a consultation, don’t be afraid to ask about winter deals and special financing options!

Added Benefit: By going ahead and upgrading your windows, doors, or attic insulation now, you’ll not only benefit from the off-season’s reduced prices, but you’ll also save on energy for the rest of the winter season.

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Whether you’re interested in a beautiful new bathroom, higher-performance attic insulation, or draft-free windows and doors, take advantage of the holiday season and start today! For professional guidance, real-world remodeling inspiration, and a no-pressure cost estimate, reach out to New Windows for America today.

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