blown attic insulation minneapolis

Did you know that adding new insulation to your Minneapolis attic can reduce your energy use by up to 30%? To get this impressive rate of monthly energy savings, however, you have to choose high-quality insulation—not just any type will do. Start your energy-saving attic upgrade now by learning more about blow-in insulation, Minneapolis homeowners’ top attic insulation product in nearly every way!

Why Blown In Insulation Is a High-Value Choice

Wondering about the costs vs. benefits of attic blown-in insulation? Minneapolis, MN residents have found this innovative product to be a cost-effective choice with long-term benefits that justify the investment. With a slightly higher up-front cost of blown fiberglass for attic insulation, there’s extensive savings in the long run with a more energy-efficient home. Here’s why:

Keep Outside Air Out!

Unlike standard insulation rolls, blown-in insulation is perfect for filling even the most hard-to-reach spots of your attic. When applied properly, blown insulation seals every single crevice, gap, and void—ensuring that Minnesota’s chilly winter air stays outside where it belongs.

The strong insulating power of blown fiberglass insulation is reflected in its high R-value, a measure of heat resistance. The higher the R-value, the more you’ll save on energy!

Less Moisture, Fresher Air

If you’re concerned about moisture penetration just as much as air, a better seal helps reduce humidity and moisture that can more easily penetrate rolled insulation. With less moisture trapped in your attic, you’ll have fewer common household issues to worry about, like mold, mildew, wood rot, and more.

You Get What You Pay For

When it comes to blown-in insulation, MN cost reports often reveal a higher price compared to other types of less effective attic insulation—but this is definitely a case in which you get what you pay for.

Blown insulation may be more expensive than traditional fiberglass rolls, but the higher-quality product design and better efficiency ratings translate into notable cost savings in the long run. These savings are further amplified when you choose a reputable team to install your attic insulation—like New Windows for America!

So, the question isn’t really “what’s the cost of blown in insulation,” but rather “what’s the cost of not upgrading to blown insulation for my attic?”

For the best installations of attic insulation, Minneapolis, MN homeowners have trusted us since 2000. We offer a five-point attic inspection and would be happy to help you identify the best attic insulation solution for your particular needs. Learn more and sign up for your free attic insulation quote by calling or submitting our quick online form now!