A shower or bathtub that’s equipped with a window inside means natural light and fresh air, which can be quite lovely. But when the wall around the window starts to deteriorate, having a window in the shower or bath area can become a problem. This can especially be a problem for homes with older homes or those built with cheap and poorly designed bathroom products. Mold and mildew love to infiltrate showers anyway but are prone to making themselves feel right at home in shower window areas.

Upgrading your shower and bathtub wall surround with a window is not a problem at all when you have professional bathroom remodeling contractors on the job. At New Windows for America, we’re delighted to offer a solution to those seeking help for their deteriorating, moldy, and unsightly bathtub and shower window areas. With beautiful and affordable shower wall surrounds, you can upgrade your entire shower in one quick and easy installation.
Take a look at some of the benefits of our high-performance wall surrounds, and how you can easily upgrade your shower or tub window areas with this simple and high-value installation from New Windows for America.

Experience the Value of ABS-Backed Acrylic Products

When choosing tub wall surrounds for the bathroom, make sure you’re choosing the latest in innovative bathroom technology for the best outcome. ABS-backed acrylic is durable, beautifully designed, and can give your bath or shower area a lifetime of beauty and value. This material serves as an elegant and affordable replacement because it won’t crack, warp, or be deformed even after years of daily use.

Additionally, it requires little maintenance effort because its surface can repel mold and mildew, which significantly reduces the cleaning time required to keep it looking new. Whether you choose an Italian ceramic or travertine to replace a bathtub surround with a window, it is important to ensure that the adhesive solidly bonds the material to the wall to keep it 100% safe.

Onyx Shower Wall Panels and Bathtub Wall Surrounds

Like ABS acrylic materials, Onyx wall panels and tub surrounds are an excellent choice. Non-porous and mold and mildew-resistant, Onyx bath and shower products are designed to stay looking brand new for years to come, with very little maintenance and cleaning required.

What’s more, these products are beautifully designed with a high-end, sophisticated look that will give class to any design or décor theme. You can choose low-maintenance, natural materials such as stones or tile, in colorful shades and patterns in glossy, matte, or slate finishes—depending on what goes well with the rest of the elements of your bathroom.

If you have no idea which one to choose, our reliable design experts at New Windows for America can help you select the type of product based on your lifestyle and preferences. You’ll also be able to choose from our selection of additional inlays or borders to further boost the aesthetic appeal of your new bathroom walls.

Custom Shower and Bathtub Surrounds with Windows

At New Windows for America, our customers can design their own tub or shower surround with window-friendly features that are customized to fit in your bathroom area. Our inventory of gorgeous wall surrounds come in a variety of colors, textures, and patterns to complement any décor theme, and our interior design team can help you come up with the perfect one that’s right for your home.

Whether you’re upgrading your barrier-free shower area, your spa tub, the glass shower enclosure, or another wall with a window in your bathroom, we can help you get the gorgeous look you’ve been dreaming of without the mess, stress, and cost of a traditional bathroom remodel.

Professional Bathroom Remodelers in Minnesota

Upgrading your bathtub or shower wall surrounds can be challenging, especially if there is a window to consider. While it is possible to take on the DIY approach, seeking the help from experienced bathroom remodeling professionals will help you achieve the perfect bathroom you’ve always wanted—without the hassle.

If you’re interested in upgrading your bath or shower area with a window, our experts at New Windows for America can help. Learn more about our affordable, top-rated remodeling services by giving us a call, or fill out our online form to schedule a free, no-obligation, in-home pricing estimate now.