replacement windows and roofing minneapolis

With the arrival of October, Minneapolis is already experiencing shorter days, the peak of the fall color season, and cooler nighttime temperatures. This is the perfect time of year to take in a fall festival, spend an evening around the campfire—and start a home remodeling project.

Are you wondering why October is a good time for home remodeling in Minneapolis? In short, fall is the perfect time of year to get remodeling projects taken care of before Old Man Winter compels us to retreat indoors through spring. In order to ensure that your home is comfortable when the temperatures drop into the single digits, it’s best to get prepared now—particularly in regards to your home’s windows and roof.

If you have been thinking about installing replacement windows or are in need of a roof replacement, here are a few compelling reasons why October is perfect for upgrading windows and installing metal roofing in Minneapolis.

1. Spring and Summer Might Have Been Damaging

Even if your roof isn’t leaking and your windows aren’t drafty now, that doesn’t mean they’ll last through another harsh winter. Spring storms and the intense summer sun can be brutal on both roofs and windows. October is an ideal time to have them inspected for inconspicuous damage—and repaired or replaced if necessary.

2. Fall Weather is Perfect

While it’s not uncommon to experience fluctuating weather conditions throughout October, daytime temperatures are likely to be ideal for roof and window installations—preferably between 40 and 80 degrees. Replacement windows need mild temperatures for caulk to adhere, and asphalt shingles require time to adhere correctly to ensure a good thermal seal that will protect your home against wind and snow.

3. Winter Snow and Ice are Coming

Roofs are built to handle a large amount of snow, however, an older roof might not stand up to everything Mother Nature has in store. Heavy snow and ice buildup can overpower roof flashings, and as icicles form along the roofline, snow buildup can push under the shingles causing extensive damage.

If you already have cracked, broken, or missing shingles, it’s imperative to consider installing a new roof before winter. In fact, a new metal roof can last nearly three times longer than traditional roofing materials and can withstand a wide range of severe weather conditions.

4. Energy Costs Are On the Rise

While utility costs are typically higher during the winter, installing a high-quality replacement roof or replacement windows will increase the energy efficiency of your home—and can lower your energy bills. Today’s roofing materials and windows are both designed to keep warm air inside your home, while keeping the cold air out.

Due to the harsh weather conditions in Minneapolis, triple pane windows are recommended for their superior energy efficiency. In fact, windows with three panes of glass separated by two gas barriers are 31% more effective than traditional double pane windows.

5. The Holidays Will Be Here Soon

You certainly want your house to be ready for holiday parties and celebrations. If you’ve been dreaming of replacing your old, drafty windows with an eye-catching bow or bay window, now is the time! Or, reach out to experienced Minneapolis roofers to have your roof repair or replaced. The last thing you want is to be in the midst of a remodel during the holiday season.

It’s pretty easy to see why October is an ideal time for remodeling. If you are in need of Minneapolis replacement window installers or an expert roofing contractor, reach out to the team at New Windows for America today. We are proud to hold an A+ rating with the BBB, and we’ve earned outstanding reviews from over 2,000 satisfied customers! Give us a call to learn more about our metal roofing systems and triple pane windows, or use our convenient online form now to request your free, no-obligation quote.