bathroom barrier free remodeling

If you’re thinking of remodeling your bath or shower area, safety and accessibility should be at the top of your list of priorities for the improvements you’re hoping to make to your bathroom. Home remodeling trends with barrier-free design in Minneapolis-St. Paul is a service our bathroom remodeling contractors, featuring easy-access tub and shower products designed for utility and style.

Barrier-Free Design Bathroom Remodeling Products and Service

At New Windows for America, we understand that our customers want safer, more accessible bathrooms, but don’t want to have to sacrifice beauty to get them. That’s why we’ve made sure to find the most well-designed and top-rated ADA-compliant bath and shower products on the market. Our combination of product selection and service offerings deliver modern trends in bathroom remodeling with barrier-free design options – our Twin Cities customers enjoy both the benefits of safer bathing and showering and a more beautiful bathroom.

While it may be the smallest of rooms in your home, the bathroom is an undeniably dangerous place for everyone—from the elderly or those suffering from limited mobility, right down to the youngest members of the household.
Take a look at some of the most recent bathroom home remodeling trends, barrier-free design, and more and get inspired to build a safer, more beautiful bathroom with our team at New Windows for America.

Roll Into Style With a Sleek, Safe Barrier-free Shower

In the past, updating the bathroom area with ADA-compliant shower products was similar to buying a pair of orthopedic shoes. In today’s ADA-compliant bathroom remodeling trends, barrier-free designs come in a range of stunning styles and décor options to choose from, with customizable features that allow homeowners to create a look that perfectly suits their home.

Barrier-free showers are an excellent solution for creating a safer, more accessible bathing environment while keeping the look of your bathroom modern, sleek, and sophisticated. With zero-threshold flooring made with a mold and mildew-resistant base, you can easily walk or roll into the shower in a wheelchair without the fear of tripping or slipping as you go. With our bath remodeling experts, you don’t need to sacrifice style for a barrier-free design bathroom remodel.

Gorgeous Walk-In Tub Designs

There’s nothing quite like a hot bath for calming the mind, body, and soul. When traditional, high-walled models become too hazardous to use, walk-in tubs can seem heaven-sent for those longing for a long, hot soak in the bathtub.

At New Windows for America, our focus is on bringing you the best in home remodeling trends, barrier-free design. Minneapolis customers can enjoy a wide variety of stunning walk-in tub models designed exclusively to suit the design and functionality preferences of our customers.

walk-in tubs feature plenty of luxury features and options, including:

  • Hydrotherapy options and air jets
  • Leak-proof entry doors
  • Plush, heated seating
  • Personalized chair-height seating options
  • Customizable color, pattern, and other design options

Safer Bathroom Remodeling in a Snap

When it comes to home remodeling trends, barrier-free design in Minneapolis and St. Paul is right at your fingertips. With our selection of walk-in tubs, roll-in showers, grab bars and other features, convenience and affordability are two major factors to consider when building a better bathroom. Shower-to-tub conversions and the ever-popular, affordable tub-to-shower conversions are additional service options when you want either a barrier-free shower in place of your bathtub or an accessible tub in place of a traditional shower.

Our bath conversions are quick, easy, and cost-effective options for homeowners. If you’re hoping to upgrade without the stress or hassle of a total overhaul, bath conversions can transform your current bath or shower area with the walk-in tub or barrier-free shower of your dreams—updating your bathroom with home remodeling trends in barrier-free design.

ADA-Approved Accessories and Add-Ons

The functionality and design of your bathroom, especially when remodeling for safety and accessibility, should be a highly personalized experience. At New Windows for America, our expert design consultants work closely with our customers to create the ideal bathroom with extensive product selection and design trends that match your style and functional needs.

Our customers choose from a wide range of innovative products and ADA-approved features in a variety of styles, colors, patterns, and even textures to create the perfect bathroom experience. We also offer an assortment of customizable add-ons and accessories to make your bathroom shower or tub more accessible, including:

  • Grab-bars and easy-reach handles
  • Built-in seating for safety and comfort
  • Low-positioned controls and faucets
  • Handheld shower wands

The Safer, More Stylish, and Smarter Choice for Remodeling Your Bathroom

If you’re in need for a safer, more accessible bath or barrier-free shower, New Windows for America has plenty of affordable, high-quality options for you to choose from. Our bath and shower products are long-lasting and durable and engineered to stand strong for decades after installation—with very little maintenance required.

For more information about home remodeling trends, barrier-free design in bathroom remodeling, or our product selection, give our team at New Windows for America a call now. You can also get started making your home more accessible today by filling out our online form to schedule a free, in-home, personalized quote.