Have you ever thought about the importance of your bathroom? Put this into perspective, your bathroom is worth 20 percent of the entirety of your home. Your kitchen is worth 35 percent. Your home is your largest investment. That is a huge amount of value added to your home if you invest in your bathroom. According to Realtors, the two most important rooms that help sell a house are the kitchen and the bathroom. Bathroom remodeling offers the 2 highest return on investment for all home improvement projects at 102.2 percent. So, remodeling your bathroom is worth every penny.  Your bathroom is the first room you are in, in the morning and the last room you are in at night. It is the most used room in the home. Your whole family uses it, which is why it is essential to have a bathroom that fits everyone’s needs and makes the whole family feel comfortable in the bathroom. When guests come over, more than likely at some point they will need to use the bathroom, so not only does your family use it, but friends as well, making the bathroom one of the most important rooms in the house. Another thing to consider is the power of water. A constant drip of water is so powerful it can eat through a porcelain surface ¼” thick that has been fired in kiln oven at over 1800 degrees. Water is more powerful than we realize. We have all seen water do some powerful things, such as wash away roads, whole cities, and even move mountains such as the Grand Canyon. This is why having a durable bath/shower is essential.

Can’t decide on which method you want to do to improve your bathtub/shower? Here we have laid out the Pros and Cons of Remodeling Options for you:

1.  Re-Glazing the tub: the pros to this are that is can be done in one day and it is cheap. But the cons of this are it is prepared with caustic chemicals, toxic odors, it is prone to peeling, there is a 3-7 day curing time and this type of method is not meant to last a long time.

2.  Ceramic tile with grout: the pros of this method are that there are a lot of versatile colors. The cons are that it stains easily, the grout embeds soap, shampoo, and dirt, grout also allows water penetration, mold and mildew will build up and lastly, this method is expensive.

3.   Fiberglass: pros are that it is lightweight but the cons are it is not nearly as durable as other options and the surface cracks and scratches easily. The finish tends to fade and there are limited color options to choose from.

4.  Acrylic is the option we suggest and here is why:

a.  Our products are non-porous and mildew resistant.

b.  Easy to clean just spray and wipe!

c.  Acid and alkali resistant.

d.  Impact resistant.

e.  Aesthetically pleasing high gloss luster.

f.  Keep the water hot up to 4 times longer than a steel or cast-iron tub!!

g.  UV stabilized, will never bleach, yellow, or fade.

h.  And has long lasting durability.

Lastly an eco-friendly reminder: our bath products are 100 percent recyclable & custom fitted bathtubs eliminate landfill waste.

So, when making the decision a decision on remodeling your bath, keep all these things in mind.

Thousands of beautiful bathrooms, thousands of satisfied customers… the choice is yours!