When deciding on new windows, energy efficient ones are the way to go.

Here is why:

Energy efficient windows can save a homeowner hundreds of dollars or more a year in heating and cooling bills, eventually paying for themselves in the long run. Heating and air conditioning account for up to 80 percent of the average American homeowner’s energy bill. This percentage is even higher in homes with old windows. By investing in energy efficient windows, you will keep your home insulated while lowering the cost to heat or cool your home.

Another important consideration is the carbon footprint you are leaving behind. Homes with energy efficient windows and doors can save 1,000 – 6,000 pounds of CO2 and to put that into perspective, that is 51 – 317 gallons of gas. The more homeowners that decide to purchase energy efficient windows, the better off future generations are with the planet we live on.

Lastly, the sun damages your furniture and flooring over time. Believe it or not the sun can severely fade wood finishes and furniture fabrics. Energy efficient windows and doors have a coating on them that reduces UV damage from the sun, keeping the room nice and bright while also protecting the house that lives inside.

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