Window condensation is annoying and sometimes just downright frustrating. Window condensation is inevitable, especially in the winter and even if you just got brand new windows. The problem is the warm air inside condenses on the coldest spot of the house, which just so happens to be the windows. When warm, moist air comes in contact with cool, dry air condensation occurs. It can be very annoying to home owners but luckily there are ways to reduce the amount of condensation that appear on your windows.

1.  Use your bathroom and kitchen fans, even in the winter. Circulating the air will help reduce the condensation on your windows. Turning the fans on to rotate in a clockwise motion will push the air off the ceiling and back down to the floor.

2.  This may seem like an obvious one, but buying a dehumidifier is an easy way to remove the moisture in your home. If a regular size dehumidifier is too expensive, consider looking into a mini one.

3.  Move plants away from windows. Plants often release a lot of moisture into the air around them. Move plants away from windows to help reduce condensation on windows.

4.  RainX on the exterior of windows will help reduce condensation as well.

5.  If the windows are very old, consider replacing them with New Windows for America’s premium windows.

We hope these tips help with the annoyance and frustrations of condensation on windows. If you would like to schedule a FREE no-obligation estimate for new windows call (651) 203-0149  today!