New Windows for America is proud to be the premier dealer of Luxury Bath products in the Twin Cities. Time and time again, we’ve helped our customers obtain the bathrooms of their dreams by replacing their old, unattractive tubs and showers with our gorgeous acrylic products. As the premier Minneapolis bathroom remodeler, we invite you to browse our unparalleled products and services to find the perfect solution for your home today!

We can install the following high-quality products from Luxury Bath in your home!

Minneapolis Replacement Bathtubs

If your bathtub is cracked, chipped, warped, or stained, it may be time to replace it entirely. Repairing it may be a cheaper option, but it’s a Band-Aid solution and won’t hold up in the long run. We own a complete line of beautiful, durable, and easy-to-maintain Minneapolis replacement bathtubs that will improve the aesthetic of your bathroom, and most importantly, your bathing experience.

Minneapolis Walk-In Tubs

Reclaim your bating independence with a Minneapolis walk-in bathtub from New Windows for America. Designed to make bathing easier, these revolutionary products feature an easy-to-open door and a comfortable built-in seat. Additionally, they come equipped with hydrotherapy jets that can help reduce stress and sooth your sore joints and muscles. For added safety, have a designer grab bar or non-slip mats installed to prevent an ugly fall incident.

Minneapolis Barrier-Free Showers

Like our walk-in bathtubs, our Minneapolis barrier-free showers are designed to help people with disabilities safely and easily enjoy a nice, warm shower.  These incredible products remove the risks of slipping, tripping, and falling while showering. In addition to providing added safety, they also make for a stunning addition to your bathroom. Since we offer a variety of color and pattern options, you’ll have no problem selecting something that suits your personality and preferred aesthetic.

Minneapolis Tub-to-Shower Conversion

Looking to create a little more space in your bathroom? Our Minneapolis tub-to-shower conversion services can help you with that. With our dedication and expertise, our Minneapolis bathroom remodelers can have your bathtub converted into a shower in as little as one day. In addition to making your bathroom look nicer, converting your high-sided tub into a step-through shower provides safety benefits. It will also increase the value of your home by making your bathroom look newer and more open.

If you’re interested in any of these Luxury Bath products, get in touch with New Windows for America today. As the authorized Luxury Bath dealer of the Twin Cities, we would love to transform your bathing area into the bathroom of your dreams. Give our Minneapolis bathroom remodelers a call at [dynophone] or fill out our online form to request your free quote today!