If your home is cold and drafty in the winter months and warm and muggy in summer months, insufficient home insulation is likely your culprit. Leaky windows is another huge energy waster. If you are looking to save on your utility bills, home insulation is a must. It’s a fact that if your home is not properly insulated you are losing a great deal of energy. By adding insulation to your home, you can save as much as 32% on your energy bills, according to the Department of Energy.

Here at New Windows for America, we only our name on the highest quality products. Our high-quality spray foam insulation is a thermally efficient, and an affordable way to keep your home comfortable all year long! Plus, you will save a great deal on your energy bills. Each and every month. Our Johns Manville insulation product is the best you will find and will provide thermal, energy efficiency all year round. Our product also provides advanced moisture, air and sound control, and keeps your home comfortable despite Minnesota’s weather conditions. Our smart spray applied insulation makes insulating attics, knee walls, over garages and other hard to reach areas simple and precise. Our product is spray applied, so we are able to make sure you are getting adequate home insulation in every single nook and cranny.


Our Minnesota Home Insulation Benefits include:

  • Money Savings: Insulation reduces the average home’s heating and cooling costs by 32%.
  • Comfort: Affordable way to make your home comfortable all year long.
  • Lifetime Insulation: One-time cost that lasts for the life of your home and requires no maintenance.
  • High-Quality: Our premium Johns Manville insulation is perfectly suited to the Minnesota climate.
Many of our satisfied customers have written in to tell us that their only regret is that they waited so long before calling us. They say their home is now more comfortable than it’s ever been and their monthly energy bills have drastically gone down. The only thing you have to lose is an uncomfortable home and high energy bills. We love Minnesota and are proud to serve homeowners in Maple Grove, St. Louis Park, Anoka, Blaine, Eden Prairie, and the surrounding communities in the Twin Cities area. High-quality products, honest pricing, and skilled installers. That’s the New Windows for America difference!