Living in Minnesota, you know good and well that it’s cold outside. There is nothing like sitting on your couch, sipping a nice hot cup of coffee and watching the snow fall. However, if you have old and leaky windows your house is probably not warm and toasty and instead cold and drafty! Plus, each and every month you are getting sacked with high energy bills. The only way to break this cycle is to invest in high-quality replacement windows. Here at New Windows for America, we only put our name on the highest quality windows. Our replacement windows are the highest quality you will find. In fact, our triple pane Minnesota Window is custom fitted to your home so you don’t have to worry about uncomfortable drafts. What sets our windows apart are 3 panes of intelliglass separated by 2 gas barriers. This means that you get a window that is 31 percent more efficient than most double pane windows. We offer both double and triple-pane vinyl windows with inert gas fills to provide maximum energy efficiency so your home stays comfortable year round. Plus, our replacement windows tilt-in for safe and easy cleaning, so you don’t have to get up on that dangerous ladder. Not ever again!


Here at New Windows for America, we know our Minnesota Window is of the highest quality you will find which is why we proudly stand behind it with a lifetime guarantee on parts, materials and labor. That even includes broken glass installation.

Windows can play a large role in helping your home achieve better energy efficiency. You see the problem with old and leaky windows is that they were not made to be energy efficient. They just weren’t. This means that all of your heated air is literally flying out the window in the cold winter months. In the hot summer, your air conditioned air is flying out the window. This creates an uncomfortable house all year long and extremely high energy bills on top of that. We’ve helped homeowners in Minneapolis, Blaine, Maple Grove and the surrounding areas save energy and enjoy a comfortable home all year long! We would love to do the same for you! The highest quality windows, fair prices and expert installers. That’s the New Windows for America difference.