Vinyl siding is such a smart and economical way to really dress up the exterior of your home. Not only will high quality vinyl siding make your home look better, it is also an investment. You won't have to spend time worrying about its upkeep or maintenance costs. Instead, you'll enjoy the benefits of energy efficiency by having lower energy bills. Vinyl siding can even increase the value of your home. Many people choose to add vinyl siding to their homes for a variety of reasons including durability, look, and energy efficiency. Insulated vinyl siding helps to maintain interior temperatures, which will drastically reduce your air conditioning and heating system’s energy consumption. What does that mean? You'll save money. Our siding even comes with 1.5 inches of insulation, fused to the back, so it is highly effective at stopping noise and air infiltration in your home.

Another benefit is that vinyl siding has the ability to withstand high winds and resist cold, moisture and heat retaining its original appearance and performance capabilities over long periods of time. Of course, our vinyl siding is available in a wide range of colors and textures that will complement your home’s existing décor. Unlike painting your home, our siding is easy to maintain, since you won't need to re-paint it every few years.

Other benefits of the siding here at New Windows for America include:
  •  Durable: Our siding is able to withstand severe wind, hail and other extreme weather and won’t crack, warp or rot over time.
  •  Variety: We have a variety of styles and colors available that won’t fade.
  •  Affordable: Get the perfect siding for your home, needs and budget.
  •  Energy Efficient: Professionally installed and designed to reduce drafts and prevent energy loss to help save money on your energy bill.
  •  Maintenance-Free: Our vinyl siding never needs to be painted. The color won't fade, all it takes is a little soap and water to keep it looking brand new!
Here at New Windows for America, we are extremely proud of our reputation as one of the trusted leaders in the industry. We have earned and kept our reputation by offering the high quality products and honest prices. Remember, you can have the best siding on the market, but if the installation was done poorly, you WILL not save energy. With New Windows for America, you get the very BEST siding AND experienced installers that specialize in saving you energy.